We are now open!

Finally! After months of hard work, we’re now ready to open the doors to our new offices on Blackpool Road. Feel free to pop in for some coffee/tea and a chat. We’re very keen to show you what we’ve been working on.

Picture of Highgate Homes' Main Branch
We’re now located on a prominent junction on the corner of Blackpool Road and Plungington Road

We’ve worked really hard to create an inviting, comfortable working environment. The facilities are so nice that I’m seriously considering living here permanently. Pictures won’t do it justice – come see for yourself!

Interior picture of Highgate Homes' new office
Our shiny new office!
The hallway to the back offices

The new website is now live

The website is also now open. Well, obviously. You’re reading it! Take a look around, it’s a real labour of love. We didn’t hire any outside help, I designed the website entirely by myself.

Picture of Highgate Homes website
The website!

Our goal was to create something that was easy to read and navigate while still being distinctive. Please let us know if you have any issues.

I’ve built a lot of functionality into the website that we’re not using just yet (more on that in a bit), but the most important thing to note is that we will be posting on here quite regularly. I’d imagine at least once a week. Content will range from guides and advice, news about the property market, to the happenings behind the scenes here at Highgate Homes. I think all of it will either be informative or entertaining (hopefully both), so I do hope you’ll stop by regularly.

We’re not done yet

The opening of the new office is just the start. There are tons of ideas that we have that we can’t wait to implement. Our goal is to take our service to the next level. Our long term clients will probably know that we’ve never sat still and we’re always finding new ways to improve. It’s looking like the pace of improvement should accelerate from here on out. We’re very excited about what’s to come.

And finally, we’re hiring.

If you know anyone who’d like to join us in our journey to create a better, fairer property industry, please get in touch. We’re currently looking for reception staff, but all of our employees will have pathways to advance. We’re hoping to build long-term relationships with ambitious, driven individuals who share our commitment to transparency, fairness, honesty and professionalism. Let us know!