Managing Boards

We use Agency Express to manage all of our For Sale/To Let boards. Agency Express have an online dashboard called Signmaster that allows us to instruct changes and access invoices.

Accessing Signmaster

Signmaster can be accessed at:

The Active Boards section lists all of the boards that are currently standing.

Movement Details is a list of all instructions given within a certain date range (which you can edit).

Adding a New board

Click “Add New Listing” on the left hand sidebar.

In the fields that follow, enter the number of the property, then the postcode, then click “Find Address”. The correct address should come up to the right of the fields. This isn’t always the case though, and in the case of commercial properties, it might have the the wrong business name. You can always click “Edit Address Manually” to rectify.

Next, under Movement Type, select the type of listing. It will be a “NEW LISTING”, but it might be FOR SALE or TO LET.

Then click Save Details.

You’re done! The board should go up within a couple of working days.

Managing or Removing an Existing Board

To manage an existing board, IE, to change from For Sale to Sold, or to remove the board, or to re-erect it because it has fallen, click on Active Boards and find the board you want to change.

Then click “Add Job”.

Under Movement Type select the option you want. Then click Save Details.

A Note About Let By/Sold

Once a property has been sold or let, you may only continue to display the board for fourteen days. It’s easy to forget to remove the board. So, when you instruct a change to “Let By” or “Sold”, you should queue the “Retrieve” instruction immediately afterwards. Simply follow the same process as usual, but this time, under the “Active Date”, select a date fourteen days into the future.

Under Movement Details, there should now be two jobs listed for the property: An instruction to change the board to To Let, and then an instruction retrieve it fourteen days later.