Property Management

Stress-Free Lettings

So what does our management service involve? Simply put, complete peace of mind. We will look after your property as if it was our own. This means making ourselves available to your tenants 24/7 and ensuring that your property is being well looked-after. Our management customers enjoy all the benefits of our Let Only service as well as so much more.

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Rock-Solid Rent Collection

We make sure you get paid

Our rent collection process is the result of decades of experience. The majority of our rents are collected via direct debit which ensures that more than 95% of our rents are paid on time, every time*. This is despite a large portion of our portfolio being located in challenging areas.

The system allows us to know ahead of time if a tenant does not intend to pay, allowing us to begin our chase process before the rent is even due.

And if we do need to chase rents, we don’t just rely on automated emails and letters (although we do use those too!). We will do what is required to make sure you get paid. That can mean personal visits to your tenants outside business hours, the set-up of affordable payment plans, or the service of notices.

*figure based on the period from the 9th of February 2018 through to the 22nd of June 2019.

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Responsive Maintenance

That won’t break the bank

We have a carefully selected team of over a dozen maintenance specialists that we use to carry out work on the properties we manage. Our tradespeople have decades worth of experience and take pride in their work. We then check all work upon completion, only paying out if the work meets our standards.

Our aim is to offer our tenants unrivalled speed and responsiveness when it comes to maintenance requests – for urgent repairs, we can usually dispatch a worker on the same day.

Best of all, since we have long-term relationships with each and every one of our contractors, they guarantee us the best price on the work they carry out – and those savings are passed onto you.

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Regular Inspections

Making sure your property is in good hands

We understand the importance of regular property inspections. To that end, we inspect our properties after the first month, and then every six months thereafter. If we decide that a property requires a more watchful eye, we will schedule out of band inspections at no extra cost.

We aim to empower our landlords with as much information as possible. More than 99% of our inspections are fully photographic and our toolkit includes humidity and moisture meters enabling us to identify the source of issues on site.

We also take care in how this information is provided to you. While our inspection software generates detailed reports, we understand that you may not have time to read through them. So we will summarise the key points in our email to you, outlining issues and proposed solutions.

Rent Guarantee

Enhanced Protection

We offer total protection against rent arrears with our rent guarantee service. In the event that a tenant fails to pay the rent, our insurers will begin eviction proceedings against them at no cost to you. What’s more, you will continue to receive the rent on a monthly basis until vacant possession is obtained.

Full Service

We are full service agents. Whatever issue your rental property faces, we will deal with it for you. Here is just a small selection of the additional services that we provide free of charge:


Even if you’re not a rent guarantee customer, we will help you through the possession process should the worst happen. This includes the serving of notice, the preparation of evidence, advise on the court process, and accompanying you to court if need be.

Deposit Claims

We will handle your deposit claim if your tenant causes damage to your property. We’re confident in our inventory and check-out procedure and have never lost a deposit dispute. Our submissions are lengthy, detailed, and provably effective.

Neighbouring Property Issues

If a neighbouring property is causing damage to yours, or if disruptive neighbours are making life difficult for your tenants, don’t fret. We’ll get in touch with the property owners and manage the dispute for you.